Sony Vision-S: Creating Enriching Moments Beyond a New Vision

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Sony introduces a fully electric concept vehicle called the Sony Vision-S. Although still limited to the concept, the electric car has successfully taken quite an attention at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

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With a pair of 200-kilowatt motors that send power to four tires, the first concept electric car made by Sony is capable of racing from 0-109 km / h in 4.8 seconds. This car can even reach a top speed of 239 km/hour even though it is carrying a weight of 2,349 kilograms.

Despite showing off an electric car at one of the most prestige events such as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020, Sony claims that they would not produce the car. In the automotive industry, Sony does not produce cars, but rather filling in the role as the components provider that is usually included in the car.

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Sony is currently known as a speaker system provider for various automotive manufacturers. Toyota and Lexus are also known to use CMOS image sensors from Sony on some of their models to support the automatic emergency braking feature.

As a car that represents Sony’s two main selling point namely consumer entertainment and sensors, Vision-S is equipped with a screen that runs along with the dashboard. That way, Vision-S is able to offer a variety of entertainment in the cabin such as music, games, and movies. This car also supports 5G connections to ensure all content runs smoothly.

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Other entertainment features come in the shape of the screen mounted on the front seat for rear passengers, as well as speakers around the car. That way, everyone can experience the Sony 360 Reality Audio system which first debuted at CES 2019.

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In addition to paying attention to entertainment facilities, Sony also pinned 33 sensors in this electric sedan. The sensor consists of a camera, radar, ultrasonic, and Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR).

Most of these sensors are tasked to oversee the conditions around the car so that it can move independently under the supervision of the driver. These sensors also function to find a parking space automatically.

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The camera embedded in Sony Vision-S is also capable of recording driving activities while traveling, and other cameras provide views for right and left mirrors, as well as central mirrors. The rear-view mirror Vision-S is able to automatically dim the brightness of the screen if there is a driver behind who gives a dimmer.

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The sophistication of the Sony Vision-S does not stop there. The camera embedded in Vision-S is also able to recognize the driver and adjust the driving style to the liking of the driver.

The camera in this concept car can also pay attention to the passengers inside. If the driver looks sleepy, the car will give advice to rest. If the passenger is seen nodding, the car can lay down the seat and turn on the heating.

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Sony Vision-S will be produced by Magna Steyr which has also produced other electric cars such as the Jaguar I-Pace. The Austrian manufacturer is also known as the birthplace of the latest generation of Toyota Supra.


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