Super Anthony: The Medal-Winning Fighting Robot

Super Anthony 6

I don’t know about you, but there is always this fantasy of seeing the real robot fight like on the Gundam Anime Series or if you are not so familiar with the 90’s reference, the style of robot fighting on The Big  Hero Six. The tech that will support the kinda fighting style that is super flawless might still far from us, but hey, at least Super Anthony show us that we are getting closer.

Super Anthony 7

Super Anthony is an award-winning battling robot that has been utilized by champions for as far back as 5 years, and now, on account of a Kickstarter, can enter a field under you. The robot highlights 15 steel-adapted servomotors at 45 kg of servo power on each.


Dynamic Movement 

Super Anthony 5

The 38 cm tall machine is charged as a battling robot and comes customized with punches, kicks, and battle move moves. It tips the scales at a diminutive 2.1 kg.

It’s sufficiently coordinated to pull off jumps and moves and punches and kicks, giving it a quite extensive variety of combative techniques moves. Super Anthony accompanies different implicit moves, yet he has significantly more up its sleeve! This tiny robot can execute complex attacking pattern in fights.



Super Anthony 4

  • Efficient Performance: The servomotor is engineered for high voltage and low current, extending its lifespan and performance
  • Ultra Wear-Resistant: The steel gears can endure high torque, further guaranteeing a long life
  • Precision Motion: The integrated output shaft boosts accuracy without needing to return to zero position
  • Easy Maintenance: The modular panel and pluggable RCA connector sets make repairs simple
  • Craftsmanship: The anodized aluminum body and tight-fitting parts with razor-thin gaps make Super Anthony strong and durable.



Super Anthony 3

Super Anthony is extremely just the bones, muscles, and guts of a robot you can complete yourself. It accompanies stickers that give it some character, yet in the event that you need, you can modify it with 3-D printed reinforcement or something.

Super Anthony has a modified 15-hub made structure that gives natural control to full flexibility of versatility. He can battle more quickly and precisely than any other robots.


Connection and Adaptability

Super Anthony 2

Super Anthony as of now accompanies worked in moves and assaulting aptitudes. You just need to associate him with a controller or your smartphone by means of Bluetooth with Super Anthony App and you’re good to go for your battle travel.

Super Anthony 1

There is almost certainly that Super Anthony can walk, move, and box, however, this robot actual esteem lies in the flexibility. You can go past nuts and bolts and learn equipment control, robot and engine collecting, and programming through making your executioner moves.


Kickstarter Project

Super Anthony 6

Super Anthony costs $1,299 for early birds backers on Kickstarter. The robot is shipping in November 2018 and it will take you along the memories line, plus you can still have fun and experiment with it.


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