Moji Power Station: A Multi-Functional Lantern with Super-Simple Design

Moji Power Station 1

Moji Power Station is an ultra-bright and multi-functional lantern with a super-simple design. It is a three-way power source that can also act as charges and portable power with USB. Moji Power Station will be perfect for campgrounds, basecamps, and off-grid situations. Your outdoor activity can be much better and easier with this power station.


Moji Power Station 1

Moji Power Station provides more than 200 lumens of power. You can also charge some handled electronics with USB like phones, camera, and other small electronics. It will run off of some direct AC by using an adapter.



Moji Power Station 2

This power station has the most simple design ever. Only with a single power, you will have a strong and optimal brightness. Moji Power Station is designed with a collapsible double-hook loop that can help you to hang it easily.



Moji Power Station 3

The lumens of Moji Power Station is about 250 with 50 H of maximum burn time, 4 IPX rating and 1 triple power LED type. The total weight of this product include the batteries is about 430 g or 15.1 oz. The battery type is Li-ion or 2 AA.



Moji Power Station 4

Moji Power Station is available in two main colors, Octane and Graphite. If you prefer to have it in a brighter color, then Octane will be good for you. But if you need a more elegant color design of this power station, you should choose it in Graphite color.

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