Audi City Bus: A Conceptual Design of A Futuristic Bus

Audi City Bus 13

Audi City Bus is a conceptual design of a futuristic bus by Daniel Platek and Artur Gaca. The main purpose of this automotive design is giving the best solution of a transportation in the future that can be produced in 10 years. With a detail design approach, Audi City Bus comes with an awesome conceptual design ever.


Audi City Bus 1

Audi City Bus 2

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The main goal of this project key aspect is providing a high level of a bus with a comfortable interior for the users. With the simple motion, the vehicle can move gently with a greater accessibility too. The interior is also completed with some best facilities.



Audi City Bus 10

Audi City Bus 9

Audi City Bus 8

Audi City Bus 11

The side frame and glass ceiling can provide an awesome view for the passengers during the travel. Its silky design with white and black color shows its style as a futuristic bus. The logo can be seen on the front, both left and right side of the bus.



Audi City Bus 12

Audi City Bus 17

Audi City Bus 16

Audi City Bus 14

As a futuristic bus, Audi City Bus is also designed with the best conceptual technology. The driver’s seat is very easy to be adjusted via a touchscreen. The mirrors are replaced with the digital cameras on the bus exterior.



Audi City Bus 13

Audi City Bus 7

Audi City Bus 3

Audi City Bus has a function to be a good solution for greater situational awareness. It will also give some details of the environment to both the driver and passengers through the digital screen, providing a bus number and its route.



Audi City Bus 20

Audi City Bus 6

Audi City Bus 15

Audi City Bus 18

The bus has a special room for the people with walking disabilities and also custodians with little children. The interior is made from metal, rubber, and also plastic, maintaining its clean and pure form. The poles and handles are designed with an off-board button.

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