The June Oven: The Best Oven for A Success in Cooking

The June Oven 1

Your everyday cooking will be succeeded when you use June Oven. This awesome oven has 7 best appliances and other awesome features. You can even control June Oven with the June app. It is not only an ordinary oven but also a fryer, a cooker, and a broiler, and even a toaster.


The June Oven 3

The June Oven 7

The June Oven can replace your warming drawer, broiler, slow cooker, dehydrator, air fryer, toaster, and also your old convection oven. With these 7 appliances in one, you can save your money and also your home space.



The June Oven 2

This oven has 40lb or 18 kg for its weight. It is designed with a capacitive touch and multi-touch support. June Oven is an awesome oven that you can connect with Wi-Fi complete with DAC and speaker for its audio. The total power for the oven heating is about 1800W or 120V/15A.

The June Oven 1

June Oven is made from some different materials like stainless steel for the interior, cold-rolled steel for the exterior, metallic silver grey for the finishing, and without any PFOA or PTFE used. The June App is available for iOS and also Android.



The June Oven 4

The internal camera of this oven can recognize more than 50 food categories automatically. You just need to put your food in it and it will do the best cooking for you and your family. If you cook a meat, you can choose how to cook it, medium or rare.



The June Oven 5

The June Oven is also designed with awesome technologies. It can cook anything with more than 100 developed automatic cook-programs. It will give you a notification when your cook is done. Make sure you touch the button when you start to cook.



The June Oven 6

The nine cook modes in this cool oven, it has the best flexibility for you to do anything with your food. You can slow cook chili, bake a birthday cake, air fry potatoes, and much more. All you need to have in your kitchen is only June Oven.

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