Replica 1917 Standard Bike: Bicycle from Harley-Davidson

Replica 1917 Standard Bike 2

Harley-Davidson is not only about motorcycles. This awesome company also makes the best trikes and even scooters. Today, it offers bicycles once again since 1917. In 1917, Heritage Bicycles and Harley-Davidson Museum worked together to reproduce a bicycle called 1917 Model 7-17 Standard bike. It can be your best bicycle for a fun activity outside.


Replica 1917 Standard Bike 1

This Replica 1917 Standard Bike comes with the new original design that made in 1977 and 1922 by Davidson brothers and William S. Harley. You can see the design of cast-metal badges and the HD pedal gear look perfect on this bike.

Replica 1917 Standard Bike 2

The main difference from this bike is the frame. It was enlarged, in order to suit the taller riders. The people these days have grown a little bit over, so the frame design will be perfect to be used for them in cycling.


Limited Edition

Replica 1917 Standard Bike 3

Replica 1917 Standard Bike 4

It may difficult to have this bike because of the limited edition. Heritage Bicycles only make ten of them. Each bike comes in olive green color with pinstripes, made in St. Francis Wisconsin by a local artist. The sales and reservations will be handled by the museum.



Replica 1917 Standard Bike 5

Replica 1917 Standard Bike 6

Replica 1917 Standard Bike comes with $ 4.200 for the price. The CVO version is sold more than ten times from that price. It is nearly $ 7.000 from an entry-level Street 500 cafe racer. Even some of the cruisers bring $15-20k range for the price tags.

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