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Polaroid’s instant camera is back. The latest product, Polaroid Now+, looks even more attractive while maintaining the classic instant camera style and adding up-to-date features.

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The appearance of the Polaroid Now+ still carries the Polaroid One Step instant camera design. Just like Polaroid Now, which was launched last year. The difference is, the company now completes it with Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to smartphones.

Polaroid also provides supporting applications available for the iOS and Android operating systems. Through this app, users can find a series of new features that can produce more creative photos.

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It packs many new shooting modes that are controlled with the Polaroid application via smartphones based on Android and iOS. With the help of a smartphone, Polaroid Now+ users can access several special modes. For shooting modes, there are now five modes, Aperture Priority, Double Exposure, Light Painting, Manual, and Tripod mode.

In aperture priority mode, users can control the aperture manually. Starting from F11, which allows more blur in the background, so photos are more dimensional, to F32 aperture. Then for the light painting mode, it is basically a bulb mode that allows drawing or painting with light by leaving the shutter open for a long time.

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Of all the modes available on Polaroid Now+, the most interesting one is the Tripod mode. In this mode, the user is allowed to take pictures with a very slow camera shutter speed with a duration of up to 60 minutes. For slow camera shutter speeds with a shorter duration, users can take advantage of the Light Painting mode.

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Price and Availability

Polaroid also provides five color filter options that can be directly attached to the lens. These filters include starburst, red vignettes, orange, blue, and yellow.

Polaroid Now+ is available in black, white, and bluish-gray. The instant camera is tagged with a $149.99 price tag.

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