The British HiFi manufacturer Naim Audio has presented a headphone-optimized version of its multi-award-winning Uniti Atom all-in-one player, the Uniti Atom Headphone Edition.

In one single charge, 1More True Wireless ANC can be used for up to 5 hours of use - 6 hours while the ANC is turned off, while the charging case can provide 16 hours of extra power. The charging case can also be recharged using a Qi wireless charging pad. The hype is getting real since the product is marketed at a very low range for $ 199.99.

The Audeze LCD-1 is open magnetostatics with overall convincing playback properties and a high level of comfort. In addition to listening to music, the LCD-1 is suitable for professional use in editing, mixing and mastering. All of the wonders behind Audeze LCD-1 Headphone is marketed at $399.

The products are marketed starting from €79 and will be distributed to all the backers soon. The purchase bundle includes charger cable, 3.5mm Aux-in cable and waterproof travel pouch.

You can take home the Human Headphone by spending at least $ 259 which is the introductory launch price. When the period is over, the marketed price of the product will be around $399. Aside from the Human Headphones, you will also get fit pads, fit attachments, travel cases, wall adapters, charging cradles, and fit and quick start guides.

The Jaybird Vista is available for $ 179.99 via their official website. By paying this price, you will get original wireless sport headphones from Vista, secure-fit ear gels, charger cases and USB C charging cable.

The company provides three color choices, Field Green, Charcoal Black, and Almond Beige, so you can choose freely according to your liking. As for the price, URBANEARS is not asking too much for the Pampas Bluetooth Headphone even though they have quite a lot of advanced features on it. In order to take this headphone home, you need to to put aside $ 149.99.

While testing it, I was wearing these headphones for quite a long period of time - almost 8 hours of usage - and not even once did I feel stuffy while wearing it.

The Series A Walkman and WH-H800 h.ear wireless headphones on 2 Kingdom Hearts have started to be marketed on the Sony Japan website. Each product is sold at ¥ 28,880 or around $ 263 and ¥ 24,880  = ~$ 226. Both products are wrapped in special boxes.

In the United States, Samsung via Harman which is the parent company of AKG has marketed the AKG N700NC for the price of $ 350. The purchase package includes 1 AKG N700NC Wireless Audio, casing, flight adapter, and USB cable.

If you are Basshead Types, this headphones really suit for you, cause the bass sound really strong and punchy. This kind of bass sound has a good presentation which for this kind of headphone is good enough for an audiophile. But for me, the most satisfying feature is the adjustable noise cancellation level.

RHA CL2 Planar has 9 gram in weight without the cables. The impedance is 15 ohms with 10mW of maximum rated power. The sensitivity is about 89dB 2ith 16 to 45,000 Hz of a frequency range. You will get 3 years warranty for this product.