Soundbrenner Core: The 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool

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During composing music or even playing it are many factors that must be considered. One that is often underestimated but plays a very important role is tempo. Tempo, which was clearly chaotic, made the rhythm of music uncomfortable in the ears.

For this reason, a tool called metronome was created. This tool is designed so that musicians can perfect the tempo of the game, with tick-tock sounds that are constantly being heard. As a tool, metronomes have proven effective. But sometimes it is annoying with the continuous tick-tock sound. As we know, the dispersion of concentration is like a disaster for a musician.

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Once again we need to thank the technology by bringing us a wearable device called Soundbrenner Core that will eradicate our perspective on a metronome. Soundbrenner Core features a metronome that not only uses “pulsating” light to mark the rhythms but also vibrates on the musician’s wrist.

Not stopping with just being a digital metronome, Soundbrenner Core is actually a smartwatch that is made specifically for musicians. This watch got 4 in 1 feature that is equipped with vibrating metronome, magnetic tuner, decibel meter and of course the smart function.

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As we said before, this watch is equipped with a tuner so that it becomes the reason for having to have a guitarist, bassist or violinist. To adjust the instrument, the Soundbrenner Core rotates out from the base and attaches it through the magnet to the guitar pegs or with attachments included in the case.

According to Soundbrenner maker, the tuner will provide the user’s music acumen. Even claimed to be better than unreliable applications.

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It also has a very accurate sensor to read the decibel number. Unplug the Soundbrenner Core from the watch strap and connect it to the guitar through a magnetic connection with the accessories provided.

Because Soundbrenner Core is also a smartwatch, you can receive notifications from the handset. This device is resistant to water and dust splashes with an IP66 rating. While the battery will last for three days for a single charge.

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Soundbrenner Core is crafted for musicians in the modern era. By utilizing Soundbrenner Core, all musicians can count, practice and perform in a better way. Soundbrenner Core is available in two choices, namely Soundbrenner Core and Soundbrenner Core Steel. As for the price, Soundbrenner Core is priced at $ 159.


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