Byton M-Byte Concept: Embodying a new smartness

Byton M Byte Concept 1

Chinese startup company Byton surprised the public by presenting M-Byte. An SUV-type concept car with electric drive. Interestingly, the M-Byte has a head unit with a massive screen, exactly 48 inches or the equivalent of 7 iPad that is lined up. So big, the device was wrapped around the dashboard from end to end.

Byton M Byte Concept 5

This feature called Shared Experience Display (SED) functions to give users the freedom to get information about vehicles, including entertainment, navigation, and telephone. Byton deliberately pinned it to improve driving safety.

According to President and Co-Founder of Byton, Daniel Kirchert, the use of small screens on cars today can actually distract the driver. For example when viewing navigation. With the SED, people who are behind the wheel can focus more on the road.

Byton M Byte Concept 4

At that time, many people were skeptical whether this SUV could be produced. However, Byton also proved by showing the production version. Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 in Las Vegas in early 2019, Byton even improved several features to be accessible to all passengers.

Byton M Byte Concept 3

The increase is given, namely the 7-inch screen on the steering wheel. Its position is above the airbag, it functions as a vehicle configuration controller. There is also an 8-inch dimension touchpad placed between the driver’s seat and front passenger.

In the back row, there is a display of unknown size. All devices can be used to access entertainment features and other functions. In total there are 5 embedded screens.

Byton M Byte Concept 2

To facilitate the use, M-Byte is reinforced by voice commands, control gestures, and touch. Byton even collaborated with Amazon Alexa for the development of voice control. Uniquely, Byton Life technology is embedded, an open digital ecosystem that can analyze user needs such as favorite music or frequently targeted locations. The system recognizes different sounds in the car and automatically adjusts it.

As for the exterior features, even though the concepts come with an ‘invisible’ door handle and side view camera, the M-Byte production version will look simpler. Initially, buyers will get Level 3 semi-autonomous technology at M-Byte, although Level 4 capabilities will arrive later through software updates.

Byton M Byte Concept 1

At present, the M-Byte test is being carried out to comply with the applicable safety standards in China, America, and Europe. Byton released their electric SUV in mid-2019 and production began at the end of the year. This date is in line with the completion of a factory located in Nanjing, China this year.

Allegedly the M-Byte is offered in two battery options: 71 kWh and 95 kWh with 268 HP power and 400 Nm of torque. The smaller option is able to drive the vehicle as far as 400 km, while the larger is able to go around 520 km. The plan, Byton will develop the model to the sedan and unmanned tech segments.

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