Morpher Helmet: Award Winning Folding Helmet

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With the explosion of the sale of the bike, the accessories that will help achieve the best experience while riding it is also getting its own market. The helmet is one of the subjects of this newly developing market, and Morpher is on the right track to becoming one of the pioneers out there.

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It’s inescapable that as more individuals get to the street on a bike, more individuals will have mischances aka accident. At the point when the head meets the street, vehicle or asphalt without a protective cap on it’s for the most part quite chaotic and in some cases deadly!

At the point when it’s not deadly the wounds caused by cerebrum harm can frequently be too dreadful to think about. Casualties of head wounds frequently invest a very long time in a state of insensibility unfit to convey in any capacity or they lose the capacity to live ordinary lives and can require consistent care. As a rule, head wounds influence not only the casualty but rather entire families. This is the reason why the maker of Morpher Helmet started this project.

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Morpher is a staggering new idea in the helmet. It overlays level with the goal that it is unimaginably simple to bear and when collapsed it’s way smaller than customary non-collapsing head protectors. It is similar to sheltered as an old style unbending head protector and has passed all important security criteria for a large portion of the world.


Safety Protected

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The Morpher head protector is ultra-compact and helpful. What’s more, with regards to wellbeing, it doesn’t disillusion you there too. The maker guarantees that the models have just passed most European testing benchmarks.

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Morpher’s flat profile will also allow innovative selling methods, such as vending machines placed by major bicycle hire points. Morpher aims to give the world an unprecedented ease of access to cycle safety.

Made for Everyone

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It’s produced using extended polystyrene (EPS), which is inflexible and sufficiently solid to shield heads from coordinate effect, all while utilizing nylon pivots to empower the extraordinary collapsing capacity. And furthermore made to fit any head with the diameter between 20.5 to 22.8 inches.

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Made to be lightweight and conservative, the Morpher helmet would fit into any satchel, a workstation sack, in the cabinet at work, even in the glove compartment of your car. After the successful Indiegogo campaign, the company is in the full production state.

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