Bell Bullitt Helmets: the iconic modern classic product

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Bell, the world’s # 1 helmet brand, once again is going retro with Bullitt variant. Actually, the Bell Bullitt helmet is the iconic Bell Star’s reincarnation helmet. The first full face helmet was released in 1968, which became the starting point of Bell’s history in revolutionizing the helmet industry.

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Bell Bullitt inherits the classic look & feel of Bell Star while carrying contemporary 21st-century security & comfort features. Helmet bodies are made of composite fiber shell & multi-density EPS liners according to DOT & ECE certification standards. While the anti-bacterial interior that can be removed when washed, in the form of a luxurious micro-suede layer with leather trim.

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This company only uses the best material for their helmets, including the Bullitt series. Bullitt is available in two versions based on the material used, namely Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass. Bullitt Motorcycle Helmet is very suitable to use with various types of motorcycles, from the classic to sports.

Bell Bullitt Helmets 3

In order to improve the convenience, Bullitt provides several round metal ventilation holes including the rear air ducts. In addition to that, a soft chin strap is also added using a stainless steel D-Ring lock. Plus cheek pads, with speaker pocket to accommodate the lifestyle of motorists in the digital era.

Currently, Bell offers 8 retro-style models & Bullitt colors on their site. Bell Helmet also provides a 5-year guarantee for this $ 399 helmet.

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  • 3 Shell and EPS Sizes for a Personalized Fit
  • Accessory Shields Available for a Personalized Look
  • Contoured Cheek Pads
  • Front Chin Vents with Metal Mesh Intake and Exhaust Vents
  • Genuine leather, removable/washable, anti-bacterial interior
  • Industry-Leading Five-Year Warranty
  • Integrated Speaker Pockets
  • Low-Profile Composite Shell
  • Padded Chin-Strap with D-Ring Closure


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