Rivian R1S: Beyond the packaging benefits!

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The LA Motor Show exhibition was utilized by electric car manufacturer startup Rivian to introduce its newest product called R1S. The SUV car that has a capacity of carrying seven passengers is already taking the storm due to the great power it contained.

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Rivian did not want to joke around by embedding the power of four electric motors that were mounted on four wheels as the rotating shaft of the car. Each electric motor is calculated to be able to produce at least 197 bhp.

If you sum all the total four electric motors used in the R1S, the power of the seven-passenger SUV is equivalent to the power on conventional hypercar engines that are widely circulating in the market. Rivian R1S is claimed to have the power of up to 754 Bhp with a large torque of 826 lb-ft.

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On paper, this SUV can go from a stationary position to touching the speed of 100 kilometers with only about 3 seconds. Rivian offers three types of battery power that can travel 240 miles, 310 miles and 420 miles.

Rivian apparently wants their electric car to bulldoze the tough terrain with air suspension that can be adjusted automatically. The startup is also ready to take on a regular SUV by having a maximum towing power of 3500 kg.

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By design, the R1S does look quite futuristic, but it looks a bit stiff from a messy shape. The car is also equipped with a suspension feature front double wishbone and multi-link rear suspension, in addition to air springs and adaptive dampers.

Rivian claims the drivetrain and electric chassis systems allow an impressive on-road performance and proper handling on and off-road control that goes beyond the mechanical solutions available today.

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Inside there are interiors with thick wood shades. Where many manufacturers use an imitation of wood or just as decoration, Rivian utilizes real wood and makes it a structural part of the car’s dashboard. It is inspired by modern wood furniture.

The futuristic feel is reinforced with a 12.3-inch speedometer and an infotainment screen measuring 16.8 inches. Not only that, at the rear there is a 6.8-inch screen for passengers. Rivian also claims their car has the ability of a level 3 autonomous car.

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But this car has just debuted and will only make its sale in 2020. At their launching date later, the R1S will only offer two battery packs with a larger capacity. The price offered for this electric SUV starts at $ 65,000.


Rivian R1S

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