The CUPRA e-Racer: The First 100% Electric Racing Touring Car in the World

The Cupra E Racer 3

CUPRA’s goal is to rethink the eventual fate of racing: making another, cleaner and more productive method for contending, where innovation and availability assume a key part. The CUPRA e-Racer envisions this future, opening the way to an opposition between the completely electric car in 2019.

The Cupra E Racer 5

The CUPRA e-Racer is a 100% electric racing car based on the petrol-powered Cup Racer. On top of being much cleaner and more environmentally friendly, the CUPRA e-Racer is much quieter.

It has some amazing features, considerably in excess of a customary racing car. What’s more, the best thing is that it has numerous different points of interest that will surely attract anybody.


Simpler Electric Motor

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To begin with, an electric motor is much simpler, requiring much less maintenance and above all, it is more efficient as it practically uses all of the supplied energy, while a combustion engine only uses, in the best case scenario, up to 30% of its fuel energy.

The Cupra E Racer 3

Furthermore, kinetic energy is bridled to recuperate control under braking and in deceleration stages. As though that weren’t sufficient, execution is vastly improved as an electric car has its greatest torque accessible from the minute the acceleration pedal is squeezed.


Powerful Engine and High Tech

The Cupra E Racer 4

680 HP. Up to 500kW peak power, that can be maintained for 10 seconds. The engines reach 12,000 revolutions using a single reduction ratio of 1:5.6. That’s correct, the CUPRA e-Racer is a genuine hustling racing cat that can achieve the best speed of 270 km/h, which will go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.2 secs, and 0 to 200 km/h in just 8.2 secs.

The Cupra E Racer 2

The rear-view mirrors have been swapped for mini cameras, conveying more prominent streamlined features. The incorporated screen on the dashboard gives the driver a chance to perceive what is happening around them.


The New Direction of e-Racing Autos

The Cupra E Racer 1

This is a new racing car concept that opens the door to a new driving experience and to a new definition of racing. In the not so distant future, the Cupra e-Racer is heading toward the mainstream competition to prove the true power of the car.

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