Mokumono Delta – The Award Winning Laser-welded Bicycle

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Almost 100 percent of bikes amassed in Europe imported from Southeast Asia, where the wages are much lower. For a nation that cherishes bikes as much as the Netherlands, that nearly seems like disrespect.

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Dutch start-up Mokumono feels the needs to take the creation procedure of bicycles back to the Netherlands. To do as such, they made a completely robotized generation process that makes solid and lightweight aluminum outlines from sheet metal.


The Dutch Pride

Mokumono Delta 4

A stunning Dutch design, a strong and lightweight aluminum frame, high-end components and a great riding experience: Mokumono is a bike that looks just as good as it rides.


Recipe from Car Production Line

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Enlivened by the way autos are fabricated, the bikemaker genuinely advances the bike producing. They captivate the point and in this manner create the edges in the Netherlands. Along these lines the organization can nearly screen each progression of the creation procedure, ensuring each bike completely meets the high standard.


Unique Frame

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The aluminum design is solid in the place where it makes a difference. To consider an enjoyable ride, Makumono outlined the edge with drifting backstays and included a carbon fiber front fork. Ensuring that the solid and lightweight edge offers a smooth ride.


Disc Brakes

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These brakes utilize a mineral oil store housed in a reduced and ergonomic mechanical lever. Warmth scattering cushions take into account for reliable braking execution in every single climate condition.


Carbon Belt

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The Gates CDX Carbon Belt Drive System is intended to be a more grounded, calmer contrasting option to the customary bicycle chain. The sturdy carbon-fiber belt is sans oil and expects practically zero support.


Internal Cabling System

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The brake (and optional gear) cables are routed through the frame to hide them from view but more importantly from the environment. With the cables inside the frame, they are less susceptible to damages and therefore have a longer lifespan.


Premium Saddle

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The Brooks Cambium C15 saddle is made from vulcanized natural rubber and an organic cotton top that offers extraordinary comfort and exceptional freedom of movement.


8 to 11 Speed

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The discretionary Shimano Alfine 8-speed or 11-speed center point qualities are speed, quiet moving and ready for all intents and purposes hassle free.


The Award Winning Product

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The Mokumono Delta comes in three sizes. S, M, and L. It is the new sportive suburbanite bicycle. Develop with sturdy and low-support parts from a portion of the best producers around.

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