Eliminator Carbon Helmet: Born from Auto, Built for The Street

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A helmet is a motorbike driving equipment that is very important to wear. A helmet is useful to protect the head from collisions in the event of an accident.

However, the selection of the right helmet must also be considered in order to provide maximum protection. One of the best helmets you can choose from the market is the Eliminator Carbon from Bell Helmets.

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In modern times, a helmet doesn’t only act as the head protector but is also taking care of the aesthetics part of the rider. The cool appearance of a helmet can certainly support the appearance of the rider the road.

Therefore, Eliminator Carbon is the right choice because it has a unique nuanced and a hearty design. This helmet underwent a fairly long evolution and development. Bell Helmets get their research right after producing several lineups for almost 60 years.

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The new Eliminator Carbon easily have lots of advantages compare to its predecessor. The Helmets is a light-weight product so it is very fitting to provide protection for the most important parts. The design is automatically inspired by a 6k carbon shell. The Eliminator Carbon can be used as a face shield without fog and dark smoke so that the view is clearly visible.

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In addition to its appearance, all of the specs are also an important point in choosing a helmet that is safe and comfortable. Made of leather in the form of a 6K carbon shell construction, this helmet not only provides a cool appearance but also provides comfort when you wear it.

The Eliminator Carbon by Bell Helmets is also accompanied with an anti-bacterial liner which prevents the appearance of the unpleasant odor that is commonly found in most helmets. Not to mention the contours of the cheek pad that are designed to fit and provide comfort.

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The protector is designed with an optical class 1 anti-fog shield provision so that it can penetrate the dark area and do not cause fog on the glass.

Although the quality of helmets is the most important thing, there is no harm in choosing a helmet with an attractive appearance. Each of us has different head sizes so the maker of the Eliminator Carbon provides a variety of sizes for their product.

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On one hand, Bell Helmets prepare eight different sizes of the Eliminator Carbon, starting from XS towards the XXXL but on the other hand, the helmet-maker only prepare one color which is Matte Black Carbon. The specific target of the $599.95-product can clearly be seen from the other lineup of the Eliminator.


Eliminator Carbon Helmet

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