Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet: The Best ADV Touring Helmets on the Market

Arai XD 4 Africa Twin Helmet 1

Arai XD-4 is a famous brand for its awesome ADV touring helmets, including this one. Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet offers the best safety rating of Snell. It has all great qualities that you can find in the most helmets from Arai. Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet is also designed with good cheek pads and liner for your comfortable use.


Arai XD 4 Africa Twin Helmet 1

Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet has 5 mm peel-away pads, allow you to tailor the fit size when you use it. The shell is also aerodynamically tuned with removable floating peak. It will allow the air funnels into the vents. This helmet can improve the ventilation use and also minimize the speed buffeting.



Arai XD 4 Africa Twin Helmet 2

Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet has comfort headliner and 5mm peel away temple pads which are micro fitting. The interior is fully washable, replaceable, and removable, especially the cheek pada, the headliner, and the chinstrap covers.

Arai XD 4 Africa Twin Helmet 3

This helmet is designed with a dry-cool technology that can keep you in a dry and cool feeling when you use it all day. The Facial Contour Support of the cheek pad design is completed with a peel-away layer. You can also improve the shell shape when you want to have a good aerodynamic stability at speeds.

Arai XD 4 Africa Twin Helmet 4

At the top part of diffuser vents, there are exhaust ports added on this helmet. The ventilation is improved by the sculpted side cowl vents which are larger. Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet also has chin vent with some intake ports.



Arai XD 4 Africa Twin Helmet 5

Arai XD-4 Africa Twin Helmet is available in three different colors, White, Blue, and Red. This helmet also offers some different size that you can choose. You just need to make sure the size that you choose fits well with your head.

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