Trove: The Best Way to Manage and Store Digital Currency in Trading and Spending

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If you need a device to help you manage and store your digital currency, then Trove is the best answer. It is a wearable device which is perfect for your trading and daily spending. This device has cryptocurrencies offline system on its hardware. Trove works when you unlock his system with the ECG signature by touching the front contact zone.


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Trove is designed to help you store and manage the daily spending and trading in your daily life. It provides the best way to your digital currency. With its awesome technology and simple design, it is very easy to use it every day.



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This wearable device has a system that stores the cryptocurrencies offline in its hardware. It works offline not online because the online system is susceptible to hackers. With this system, Trove becomes more secure and safe.


How It Works

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You just need to touch the contact zone located on the front side. Trove is built with ECG signature system, it is a verification biometric method to recognize your unique heartbeat pattern. It is an awesome technology with an easy way to do.



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You can activate the Bluetooth in Trove to communicate with a smartphone. This way allows you to access the fund easily. Trove is different from cryptocurrency wallets. Those kinds of wallet rely on the systems with a complex password. Using Trove, you don’t need to remember any password.



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Trove is a wearable device. It means that you can use it as a stylish necklace or a brooch on your shirt. This device has a simple design which is stylish and fashionable. No one will expect that it is a device for your digital currency.

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