BlackBerry® KEY2: A Reborn of BlackBerry® Powered by Android

BlackBerry® KEY2 1

BlackBerry® KEY2 is a new icon of a BlackBerry® reborn. With the best battery, the most intelligent keyboard, and all new things, this smartphone is ready to compete in the market. Powered by Android, BlackBerry® KEY2 has a lot of awesome features for you. It is also designed with the best privacy and security features ever with an easy control.


BlackBerry® KEY2 6

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BlackBerry® KEY2 is designed with an intelligent keyboard. The battery can last more than 2 days. This smartphone is powered by 8.1 Android OREO. The display is about 4.5 inches, 1620 x 1080, with 12 MP dual camera and F1.2 phase detect.



BlackBerry® KEY2 1

The design of BlackBerry® KEY2 is very iconic. It is lighter and also thinner without sacrificing its durability. It is 7 aluminum alloy frame series with diamond grip texture on the back side. The 4.5 inches display is made from Gorilla Glass®.



BlackBerry® KEY2 7

The keyboard of this smartphone is built with all-new Speed Key features. It allows you to activate the shortcuts to the apps and also initiate actions. You can do it anywhere as you return to its home screen or just swiping it.



BlackBerry® KEY2 2

Charge less and do more. The awesome battery in BlackBerry® KEY2 can last up to 2 days only with a single charge. Surely it will save energy and your time better. You can use it as long as you wish with this kind of battery.



BlackBerry® KEY2 4

BlackBerry® KEY2 comes with dual camera, the first dual camera on a BlackBerry® smartphone. Those cameras also include the optical superzoom and also portrait mode for better image quality and greater control in capturing photos.



BlackBerry® KEY2 5

You can control your privacy better with BlackBerry® KEY2. It is the most secure Android smartphone with its privacy and security features. It is designed with Locker Private Sone App, Privacy Shade, and Firefox Focus Private Browser.

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