Crush Light by Goal Zero: A Solar-Powered Lantern Designed for Convenience

Crush Light By Goal Zero 5

When the company takes the first step in building this light, they particularly wanted to make the most simple solar-powered light that is so tiny you can fit it anywhere. The idea then later translated into the collapsible and modular light which they call, the Crush Light.

Crush Light By Goal Zero 5

The Crush Light works for a variety of circumstances. One of the objectives of the light was for it to be adaptable to any situation. So it works incredibly for outdoors, yet in addition, takes a gander at a patio party. The roots backpedal to debacle alleviation and helping individuals who are confronting troublesome conditions, and the maker sees the Crush Light working extremely well in those circumstances, as a crisis item, too.



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Some will ask, why? The most evident answer is that you can get it super small so it’s effectively packable. Be that as it may, there’s something else entirely to it than that. There’s additional adaptability that joins being collapsible. You can work with points a bit and hang it and utilize the light in various ways. You can uncover it midway or the distance. The other thing about these sort of ventured, collapsible things is that they bolster themselves without being swelled. They can’t be popped or collapsed, so you don’t need to stress over them being punctured and after that losing their structure. In conclusion, they have a pleasant shape to them.


Unique in Its Own Way

Crush Light By Goal Zero 3 It’s not only solar-rechargeable but also USB-rechargeable. Let’s say it’s the night before a camping trip and the sun isn’t out, so you can’t rely on that option for recharging but you can get it all charged up via USB.


Small, but Powerful

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The Crush Light has three settings: high, medium, and low. On high, it’s 60 lumens, and it’ll keep running for three hours along these lines. The distance down on low, it’ll really keep running for thirty-five hours. It’s additionally waterproof with an IPX4 rating, so on the off chance that you abandon it outside and it gets wet in the rain, that is not gonna be an issue.


The Must-Have Item

Crush Light By Goal Zero 1

The Crush Light also has a removable handle that enables it to be dangled from the roof of a tent or the branch of a tree. It weighs only 3.2 ounces, making it one of the lightest camp lamps in the market. The best part is that it offers for just $20, making it unfathomably economical choice too.

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