Float: A Versatile Table Light for Any Room in Your Home

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Viviana Degrandi is the main designer of this beautiful table light, Float. Float is a versatile table light which great for your bedroom, living room, and other room in your home. The best thing about this table light is you can lay it on its side or hang it on the wall. With this flexible use, Float can give you a functional light which is easy to be used.


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Float is designed with 360 degrees light direction. The bulb is a soft-white A19 LED with 75 effective brightness. With 3.5 pounds in weight and 20″H x 8.5″W x 8.5″ D dimensions, Float is easy to be moved to another room. This light is certified by SGS for North America.



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The inspiration of Float comes from Japanese glass fishing floats that bob gently on the sea surface. Viviana Degrandi wants this table light to be a versatile thing that can be used easily. You can bring the sea spirit into your home with this awesome light.



Float 3

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Viviana Degrandi also hopes that the light of Float can give you a gentle, simple, and also flexible lighting that can be used in any room. When it is on a table, it looks like a sphere is floating on water in your home, bring a beautiful illumination.



Float 5

Float is made from corn-based PLA, gantri translucent PLA, and also gantri opaque PLA. Those materials are the best materials for a table light. The soft-touch matte finish is the method for the finishing process. The process of manufacturing is done with 3D printed and hand finished.


Soft Light

Float 6

With its soft light, Float can glow and also illuminate the entire space of your room. It will evoke the ocean tranquility on a calm day in your home. It feels like sea atmospheres come to your home smoothly through this table light.

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