Scribit: The World’st First Write and Erase Robot Ever

Scribit 3

You don’t need another screen when you have Scribit in your workspace. Scribit is a kind of vertical plotter that can transform your space into a more functional space. With this awesome robot, you can have a wonderful wall to draw and erase. It is the world’s first write and erase robot ever that will start its crowd-funding campaign in June, 5th 2018 soon.


Scribit 3

You just need to have a plug and two nails to install Scribit, that’s all. With those things, you can start to draw with four colors just in five minutes. With this easy installation, surely you will save more space and more time in working and finishing your project.


Draw and Erase

Scribit 4

You also don’t need an eraser when you use Scribit. It allows you to try another image by drawing and erasing as many times as you wish. This robot will print your draw on the wall. Every day, you can create new different images easily.



Scribit 1

Surely, Scribit is an intelligent robot for writing and eraser ever. This cool robot can be used on any vertical surfaces such as a whiteboard, standard plaster, or even glass. If you don’t have to buy new vertical surfaces, then just your wall.



Scribit 2

Scribit is designed by a great design team which is working at CRA. The innovation and design of this robot come from MIT professor, Carlo Ratti. Hope that Scribit will give you a new way of sharing, writing, and draw a digital content which is important to you.

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