Oyster: A Harmony Between Nature and Human Being

Oyster 4

A close relationship of nature and man are used to design this grand piano, Oyster. As a human being, we live together in harmony with nature around us. It is the most awesome and ideal harmony in this world that we can find. That’s why Oyster comes with its design to show the harmony more clearly in a grand piano visual. It is also the best piano to make sounds of nature.


Oyster 7

Oyster is designed based on the beautiful relationship idea that can be found between human being and nature. This grand piano look is a combination of modernity in human and nature sounds which are good to hear. The sounds of nature will come out from this grand piano beautifully.



Oyster 6

The monotonous form of a grand piano has been moved away by Oyster. This awesome grand piano is built with the curves organic oysters, that’s why it is called Oyster. This unique form makes Oyster becomes a special grand piano for a musician and performers too.



Oyster 4

Oyster 2

The visual design in Oyster is not only showing auditory elements from the piano expressing melodies but also the nature sounds. This kind of beautiful visual design will give a special experience for everyone who needs a different thing besides of monotony.



Oyster 5

Oyster 8

Oyster offers a beauty in a grand piano through its black color design. Its organic oyster curve makes sure that it has a different design that cannot be found on any other grand piano. The beautiful line of its design comes perfectly together with the melodic lines too.



Oyster 1

With the organic natural curve and its beautiful lines, Oyster will give make performers get an awesome performance at the stage. It is possible for them to show the beautiful sounds of nature with Oyster even when it comes from the existing monotonous piano form.

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