Lofree Four Seasons: A Mechanical Keyboard with Colorful Retro Design

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This four seasons mechanical keyboard will give you a different experience in typing when you are working. Lofree comes with a mechanical keyboard with a colorful retro design. The design is inspired by typewriter. You can embrace the nature through Lofree colorful design, create an easy typing, and also add a glamour touch to your typing personal style.


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Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard is designed in retro style with four seasonal colors. This keyboard can be used with both wireless and wired. The best thing about Lofree is you can use it with a various platform because it supports them well.


Four Seasonal Colors

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Lofree is available in four seasonal colors, black, grey, turquoise, and also white. With those colors, you can choose one of them which is perfect for your style. It will not make your typing feels easier but also create a stylish taste in typing too.


Mac Layout

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Lofree Four Seasons and Mac built-in keyboard has a high degree of similarity. If you are an Apple user, you can switch between the keyboards flawlessly. Surely, this layout will give you an easy way to use when you usually use Apple products.



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This awesome keyboard is built with a secure design too. It can prevent repetitive strain injury that you often feel when you use a keyboard in working. Lofree Four Seasons Mechanical Keyboard will be perfect for writers, translators, and also journalists.


LED Backlight

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You can adjust the LED backlight in Lofree Four Seasons whenever you want a different sensation of cool typing. The LED backlight comes in 3 levels which are easy to be used anytime. You can also dim the backlight in a shared bedroom with others.


3 Different Devices

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Lofree allows you to work and connect with 3 different devices like smartphone, laptop, and tablet. You can switch them easily using a quick switch on the keyboard. With this ability, you can work with all things that you need.

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