Kira: A Compact and Ultimate Full-Size Mechanical Keyboard

Kira Mechanical Keyboard 3

A compact and ultimate mechanical keyboard can be found in Kira. It is designed by Angelo Tobias and also Input Club team. The custom mechanical switches and awesome RGB underglow will give you a new typing experience. Kira is designed with a fully hardware programmable, It means that the key can be changed into a multi-function macro. No need any active software for it.

Top Features

Kira Mechanical Keyboard 3


Kira has some top features for you. It has mechanical switches, per key RGB lighting, RGB underlit case, PBT dye-sublimated keycaps, and also USB type C. Those features will give you good typing activities anytime you want.



Kira Mechanical Keyboard 5

The design of Kira looks simple but actually, it is very stylish. It doesn’t only have one color but also some colors that make it looks interesting. With white, grey, and orange color on its surface, you will have a fun keyboard to be used.



Kira Mechanical Keyboard 1

One thing that you should know that Kira is designed with a special philosophy. The team of Input Club tries to achieve near-infinite customization options, peerless build quality, and sleek aesthetics for the RGB-backlist keys. It is not an ordinary mechanical keyboard, it is a functional art for the people on their desk.


Durable and Efficient

Kira Mechanical Keyboard 4

The keys in Kira are packed into a condensed layout. The custom keycaps have a printing method, resistant plastic, and long-lasting material that can’t be worn off easily. The texture is also wonderful that will not easily show the finger oils or shine.


Input Club Hako Switches

Kira Mechanical Keyboard 2

The Input Club’s Hako switches on Kira are deliciously tactile, self-cleaning, smooth, bottom out resistant, and also last for decades. Every switch on this mechanical keyboard can be replaced easily without any single drop of the soldier.


Type C Connector

Kira Mechanical Keyboard 7

The type C connector or Kira will give you an easy way to connect it to USB type C cable. The connector is located at the front part of this mechanical keyboard. You don’t have to worry about any problem of using the C cable with Kira.


More Features

Kira Mechanical Keyboard 6

Here are more features of Kira for you. This mechanical keyboard is designed with 99 key condensed full-size layout. It also has steel key switch plate, hot-swappable switches, RGB LED side indicator lights, and much more. Kira is compatible with Mac, Linux, and also Windows.

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