Kylin M: A Portable 3-Axis Stabilizer for Your Lightweight Cameras

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Kylin M is a portable 3-axis stabilizer with a single rotatable handle design. It is a perfect stabilizer for your cameras, mirrorless DC, and smartphones for filming. You can also use Kylin M to get a better focus photo and video recording. The unique rotatable handle will give you an easy way to move while you are filming or recording.


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Here are some features that you can get once you have Kylin M. It can be used for 1300 g of maximum payload. It has two handling modes, a good stability, quick folding, dynamic curve time-lapse, long battery endurance, best camera control, and awesome compatibility for camera and phone.



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Kylin M has a good compatibility with some lightweight filming devices of yours. This product is designed for your mobile phones, mirrorless DC, DSLR, and also action cameras. It has a control cable to let you control the focus or the shutter, the zoom, and the video recording process.


Two Handling Modes

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Kylin M is a stabilizer with two transformable and easy handling modes. The first mode is Straight Holding Mode. It is suitable for the high and middle angle filming. You can easily use it when you need to record a huge and large landscape like mountain or road.

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The second holding mode is called Carry Mode. This mode will be better for you when you use your device in low angle shooting, You can also relieve the pressure from your arm. Carry Mode is a perfect mode for your simple shooting.


Mobile Phone Compatibility

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If you often use your smartphone to record and filming, Kylin M is the best stabilizer for you. This product is design with a good compatibility with a mobile phone. You can get a high-quality result of filming output as same as you use a heavy camera.


Handle Panel

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The handle panel of Kylin M is your main controls in filming. The connecting cable design allows you to have a direct shooting control with buttons on the handle. The handle is also completed with the zoom, BUS extension port, mode indicator, and so on.



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Kylin M has 1/4 inch of screw extendable. This screw is located at the bottom part of the handle to connect the tripod. It will give you a chance to set your camera on a good spot and extend the other ways of using the filming controls.


Lightweight Body

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With a lightweight body, Kylin M is designed with the best strength and durability. The weight is just about 980 g or 2.16 lb including the batteries too. The payload capacity is up to 1300 g. Kylin M is compatible with almost all mirrorless digital cameras, mobile phones, and even some DSLR camera models.


Unique Foldable Handle Design

Kylin M 7

Kylin M is built with a unique rotatable and also foldable hand design that can be folded into an easy carry mode. When it is folded, the dimensions are only 25 cm in length and 22 cm in width. Kylin M fits easily in your bag for transport.

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