Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak, The New Challenger in The Market’s Top Spot For Pickup Truck

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak 4

Volkswagen has been making small size trucks for quite a while, but finally, on New York Auto Show, it prodded America with the Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak car concept.

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak 4

The Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak pickup truck concept makes its world debut today at the New York International Auto Show. Named after a species of tree that is native to the Pacific Coast in the U.S.


Modular Transverse Matrix Architecture

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The Atlas Tanoak is the first pickup in view of Volkswagen’s MQB or modular transverse matrix architecture. Controlled by a 276-torque V6 FSI® fuel motor, the Atlas Tanoak utilizes a productive eight-speed programmed transmission and the 4MOTION® all-wheel-drive framework.

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Consolidating a contemporary plan heredity reminiscent of later VW SUV models with conventional get extents, the 280bhp 3.6-liter V6-fueled Tanoak has been considered as a major aspect of an inevitable three-show Atlas line-up.


Latest Technology Interior

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The Atlas Tanoak concept is designed as a very spacious five-seater. Sporty, contoured seats are used in front, which offer very good lateral support during tough off-road duty. The same applies to the rear seating, with the passengers in the second row sitting on individual seats that match the ergonomic and design quality of the front row.

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The touchscreen infotainment framework is situated high up for simple task, nearly nearby the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit. Both these screens and the controls for the ventilating converge to frame a digitalized cockpit condition.


No Production Plans

Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak 2

In spite of the fact that there is no statement about production date for the Atlas Tanoak, Volkswagen is quick to measure the responses of purchasers and media, since pickup trucks are one of the greatest volume portions in the U.S.

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