Melody Glockenspiel: Colorful Fine-Tuned Junior Instrument for Fun Playtime

Melody Glockenspiel 4

Hohner is German manufacturer with over 160 years of experience in making the best orchestral instruments. This awesome manufacturer offers a glockenspiel with a playful design and also exemplary craftsmanship called Melody Glockenspiel. It is a colorful fine-tuned junior instrument for a fun playtime and also develops your child musical ability.

Playful Design

Melody Glockenspiel 4

Every kid will love to play with Melody Glockenspiel because of its playful design. The colorful look and the wood material make it very interesting. Melody Glockenspiel will not only fun to be played but also a fun way to learn about music.




Melody Glockenspiel 2

Melody Glockenspiel is made with 15-ply renewable mango wood. The wood has been processed in the best making process for your child. The soft surface of this wood will be comfortable for both your and your kid’s skin.



Melody Glockenspiel 3

Besides 15-ply renewable mango wood, Melody Glockenspiel is built with a clear and crisp resonance. The lightweight mallets and the curved wooden base will sit well on the tabletop or a lap. This also makes the playtime fun for you too.


Musical Detail

Melody Glockenspiel 1

With one octave and C major scale, it will be very easy to learn music with Melody Glockenspiel. The two mallets come in 6.5 inches or 16.5 cm in size. The dimension of this glockenspiel is about 12.4 inches in length, 6 inches in width, and 2 inches in height.

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