Volé Lamp: A Lamp with Humble Blow for Warm Environments

Volé Lamp 4

The idea of using the power of wind to design Volé Lamp is such as a great idea. Wind is a nature’s engine with a subtle force. With blowing, you can be the source of a wind to make tiny storms. This our advantage is the way to have a good connection with things around us, including a lamp. Volé Lamp can be turned off or on with your humble blow to generate the warm environments.

Contemporary Lamp

Volé Lamp 2

Volé Lamp is a contemporary style, the characteristic of MOAK Studio with their contemporary product design. The style makes this lamp fits in every room interior that you have. Volé Lamp is also perfect to be matched with your other things.



Volé Lamp 1

The design sketch of Volé Lamp comes from a fan. As you can see, the picture shows us that the first important thing in making this contemporary lamp is the fan. By blowing the perfect fan design, you can use the lamp easily.



Volé Lamp 6

Volé Lamp 3

When you want to turn on Volé Lamp, you just need to blow or spin the fan above it. It is the same thing when you want to turn this contemporary lamp off. Put it on your desk or your living room to find it easily when you want to turn it off or on.



Volé Lamp 4

Volé Lamp is designed in a simple form but it looks so stylish. It must be perfect to have this stylish and unique lamp in your home. It can be your room interior focal point, an object to make your room interesting and also inviting.



Volé Lamp 5

Volé Lamp is made of Cooper and ash wood. The dimensions are about 65 cm in length, 10 cm in width, and 20 cm in height. The designers from MOAK Studio are Mauricio Sanin and Kelly Durango with their best idea of a lamp.

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