Meet The Yays, A Luxury Apartment Housed in A Crane

The Yays 9

You will be surprised once you meet The Yays. It is not an ordinary crane, there is an apartment inside this crane. The Yays will be perfect for you who need a special occasion for your special moment like a honeymoon or anniversary, especially in Amsterdam. This luxury apartment is the ultimate experience for you who interested in privacy, exclusivity, and an icon of the history.

History Icon

The Yays 9

The Yays is a crane of 1957 industrial Figee, an icon for the city history. It is renovated and transformed into a luxury and exclusive three storey apartment. The Yays is located at KNSM Island which is dynamic. It is also literally a bridge between the rest of the world after WWII and the Netherlands.



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The beautiful and comfortable bedrooms in The Yays will also give a chance to enjoy an awesome view of the IJ river in Amsterdam. With the large window next to the bed, you can lie on the bed and see the awesome view clearly.



The Yays 5

The Yays 4

The modern bathroom of The Yays is designed with a big bathtub too. You will feel just like take a bath in a regular home, not in a crane. This cool modern bathroom has a bathtub and separate shower to give you the best facility in a bathroom.


Living Room

The Yays 3

The living room has a simple and modern interior design. The gray color comes from the front door, the window frames, and also the furniture. Those things look well together in one living room area. The wooden floor makes this living room feel warmer.



The Yays 2

The Yays is also completed with the best storage ever. The storage is located under the stair to give you an easy access to put and get your stuff. The stainless steel color on this storage adds another modern style to the room. The whole interior of The Yays is designed by Edward van Vliet with industrial past authentic detail.


Kitchen and Dining Area

The Yays 6

The kitchen and dining area is located in the same space. The dining area offers a beautiful view outside the crane through the large window. It will be the best thing to have a good dinner and meal with the awesome view of Amsterdam city.


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