Handry: A Portable Spot Laundry Machine with Wireless Charger

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You just need 5 minutes to use Handry. Handry is a portable spot laundry machine with the best wireless charger technology ever. You can clean the contaminated spot or area in your clothes and let it dry easily. The design of this portable spot laundry is very friendly to your hand because it fits perfectly in your grip. Let’s meet hand + laundry, Handry!

Laundry Machine

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You probably will not find a portable laundry machine with a simple design like Handry. Sometimes, a big laundry machine will not help you at all to clean up some dirty spots on your clothes. Handry comes to solve this daily problem in everyone lives.



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In the morning, you may ever spill your morning coffee on your clothes because of a hurry time. You may also have the old stains on your other clothes. With Handry, you don’t have to do cloth laundry again because it can spot laundry well by removing the old stains.



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The inspiration for Handry product design comes from the Korean traditional washing method. This method is about a simple way to remove all contaminants by tapping the laundry with a laundry bat.



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The product design of Handry also comes with a box design too. With the modern color of silver and gray, this portable spot laundry looks so luxury. Inside the box consist of the brush, wireless charger, and also Handry itself.



Handry 6

Handry 10

The brush of Handry will move up and down, right and left, with vibration too. The moving is available in each moving for some kinds of dress material and stains. With this brush, your laundry will be clean faster and easier.


Smart LCD

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Handry is designed with a smart LCD. This LCD will show you the dress material and also kind of stains. First of all, you need to select the dress material, then after that select kind of stains. You will also see the estimated time. Touch the start button and you can enjoy a perfect cleaning for your clothes.


Wireless Charging

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Handry 9

Another cool thing about Handry is its wireless charging technology. This product is charged wirelessly. The hand lid with its wet part can be dried by itself. You can also check the status of the charge through the LED.



Handry 3

Handry 2

Handry 1

Handry is an individual work of laundry product design. The final result makes this portable spot laundry also stylish. In this modern era with the need of using a simple product, Handry will absolutely solve a daily problem in the laundry activity.

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