Pocket Operators: The Ultra Portable Music Devices in Metal Series

Pocket Operators 5

Pocket Operators is not heavy at all. It is a small ultra-portable music device with the studio quality sound and flexible to make a cool music. You can easily bring it with you in your pocket with its compatible designs. Pocket Operators comes in a lot of type with their each best functions for you. Let’s have a look at some Pocket Operators types that you can choose based on your need.

Metal Series

Pocket Operators 5

The newest series of Pocket Operators come in metal series. These products are not heavy at all even if they are designed with the metal material. With the affordable price and the best metal design, the metal series is perfect for you who want to have a wall of sound in your pocket.

Color Collection

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Pocket Operators are also designed in some different colors. Everyone surely has their own taste of color. That’s why Teenage Engineering tries to offer some best colors on this product to give you the best pleasure based on a color that you like. Here are some of Pocket Operators types for you.

PO-12 Rhythm

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With the green color, PO-12 Rhythm comes with the 16 sound drum machine and the sequencer too. This type is perfect to make punch-in effects, parameter locks and also beats. The real synthesized drum sounds will give you the best drum sound ever.

PO-14 Sub

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If you more interested in deep bass sound, then you should choose PO-14 Sub. The deep bassline synthesizer is completed with the punch-in effects, parameter locks, sequencer, and also play styles.

PO-16 Factory

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PO-16 Factory is designed with the awesome keys melodies. With the lead synthesizer, you can listen to the best melodies ever. The sequencer is also completed with the punch-in effects, parameter locks, and play styles.

PO-20 Arcade

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PO-20 Arcade has chiptune improvisation and rapid beat making for you with the arcade synthesizer. The synthesized arcade sounds can make a better sound. The chord control allows you to adjust the chord as you wish.

PO-24 Office

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PO-24 Office has sequencer with the noise percussion drum machine. It is also designed with the punch-in effects, parameter locks, and solo functionality. With the sampled vintage hardware and real synthesizer engines, the solo control will be easy to be used.

Silicone Cases

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Another best thing about Pocket Operators is the silicone cases. Teenage Engineering will offer you some silicone cases based on each model. You can choose one that fits well with your Pocket Operators which is already in your hand.


Pocket Operators 6

Besides the silicone cases, Pocket Operators is also designed together with some protections. One of them is the battery protection. This protection will not only secure the battery but also keep it stay in its place.

Pocket Operators 1

Pocket Operators has a display protection too. This protection can be used for all models. With the best material of display protection, your Pocket Operators screen can be protected the screen well from any dirt.

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