Furia: The Next Future of A Concept Bicycle Design

Furia Concept Bicycle 4

Furia is the winner of “Eccellenze del Design nel Lazio”, a prize by ADI Italy. It is a concept bicycle design to show the combination of 3D printing material and carbon fiber technology. The concept of the next future in a bicycle can be seen on Furia with the strength, the lightness, and also the performance design. The design is also about exploring the manufacturing technique which is developing today.

3D Design

Furia Concept Bicycle 4

As you can see, the design of Furia comes in 3D model 1:1 which is made by a desktop 3D printer. The technological solution is used comes from the motorcycles’ world, Tesu, as the hub-center steering. With the 3D design of Furia, it will be the best path to inspire a futurist bicycle.


Furia Concept Bicycle 12

Furia Concept Bicycle 11

Furia Concept Bicycle 3

Furia Concept Bicycle 1

Before the 3D design is made, Furia is designed by making some awesome sketches first on a paper. Those sketches also show the more detail part of this bicycle design, complete with the perfect comparison between one sketch to another sketch.

3D Model

Furia Concept Bicycle 13

Furia Concept Bicycle 10

Furia Concept Bicycle 8

Furia Concept Bicycle 7

Furia Concept Bicycle 5

The complete 3D model of Furia looks very awesome. As the new futuristic and modern bicycle, this bicycle is designed a little bit different from a usual bicycle today. The whole parts of Furia are explained so detail on each 3D image.

Model Production

Furia Concept Bicycle 9

Furia Concept Bicycle 6

Furia Concept Bicycle 2

Furia Concept Bicycle 14

This model production of Furia is showing you how this bicycle gonna be produced with the best technology. Each part of the model production is also made with a perfect detail based on the 3D model and the sketches.

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