Dime: A Dynamic Drinks Cabinet from Splinter Works

Dime Drinks Cabinet 3

Since 2009, Splinter Works comes with ambitious projects with the absolute quality and great passion. One of the best ambitious projects with the delightfully tactile piece is Dime. Dime Drinks Cabinet will be a perfect cabinet for you who love to drink some different drinks. This cabinet is not only completed with the awesome shape design but also fit well for your traditional interior.

Playful Form

Dime Drinks Cabinet 1

The playful form of Dime allows you to reveal or hide the wine storage and also the countertop. This drinks cabinet is not only designed for the storage but also completed with the countertop to put your wine glass.

Dime Drinks Cabinet 2

With the walnut leaves on the edge of the curved, the shape becomes so highlights to be seen. These walnut leaves are the one that makes the whole design of Dime has a contemporary style which is perfect for your traditional space.

Dynamic Cabinet

Dime Drinks Cabinet 3

Dime is a kind of dynamic cabinet with the signature of Splinter Works. This signature is the one that makes the intrigue and the illusion of the design. The individual curved segments around Dime show the cabinet functions complete with the sommelier table too.

American Walnut

Dime Drinks Cabinet 4

Dime Drinks Cabinet 5

With the texture of the American walnut, this cabinet has a poetic repetition on its form when you close it. When you open it, the curved segments will give you a fun resistance with each contracting until fully opened.

Delightfully Tactile Piece

Dime Drinks Cabinet 6

Dime is not only created with the passion of an awesome drinking time but also designed with the delightfully tactile piece. The result makes this cool drinks cabinet has its own contemporary design style that fits for your traditional or contemporary interior inside the house.

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