Alesis Strike MultiPad: Sample. Edit. Loop. Perform.

Alesis Strike Multipad 3

Alesis have subtly drawn out of publication to release another electronic drum cushion with lots of unique capabilities called Alesis Strike Multipad. In a way, the launch is an extraordinary thing since there is only a couple of top of the line alternatives that you can consider, though there are numerous section level and transitional ones.

Alesis Strike Multipad 4

Alesis Strike MultiPad is an electric drum with outstanding performance. Alesis Strike MultiPad is very suitable for use by professionals. In addition to offering good performance, Alesis Strike MultiPad also offers ease of use. SAMPLE allows you to play any sound, any effect anywhere.

LOOP allows you to play SAMPLE sounds that you record in live audio format. With all the features that Alesis Strike MultiPad has, any musician can provide better and more creative performances than using other electric drums.

Alesis Strike Multipad 2

Alesis Strike MultiPad is also equipped with a 4.3-inch screen that will provide information about electric drums, making the editing process faster. There are more than 8000 samples and loops ready for use. Everything is stored in 32GB of internal storage media.

Alesis Strike Multipad 3

In order to boost the performance, the user will get nine velocity touchy cushions with customizable RGB lights and can be prepared with three impacts, one ace impact, a blower, and an EQ. You can extend your setup by means of the outer trigger and pedal data sources, outside drum/cymbal triggers, a howdy cap pedal, and two double foot controls.

There are five built-in impacts processors and a Custom Effect Control, so users can truly customize their sounds and loops. Furthermore, there are different ins/outs with USB sound and MIDI interface in addition to various outer drum/cymbal triggers.

Alesis Strike Multipad 1

  • 9 Velocity-Sensitive pads with customizable RGB lights
  • 32GB of internal storage with over 6GB of included samples and loops
  • 4.3” color display delivers fast visual system status, makes editing easy
  • Built-in Sampler – capture the perfect sound from your phone, mic, or computer
  • Built-in Loop Recorder – create custom loops in real time
  • 2 channel USB audio interface – makes it fast and easy to connect to your computer
  • Connect a USB drive to quickly load your own WAV files
  • Five onboard effects processors (3 kit FX, 1 master FX, 1 comp/EQ)
  • Separate Main, Aux and Headphone outputs
  • Three trigger inputs and two dual foot-switch inputs for system expansion
  • “A-LINK” – Two fully-assignable infinite rotary encoders

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