Lumi: The Most Advanced Portable Keyboard Ever Made

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The development of technology is impacting on how music is being played and in fact, lots of companies have tried to create sophisticated devices that help open the new page of entertainment especially in the music industry.

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Recently ROLI, a British company, is developing a smart device to help and ease the way people learn to play piano with a product they called LUMI. LUMI itself is a keyboard that has attractive colorful lights and can be connected with a smartphone so that it makes it easier for users to play while learning to play music.

The users can just use the mean of Bluetooth connection to connect their smartphone to LUMI. Interestingly, the startup also provides LUMI application on iOS an Play Store that can be used to guide while learning to play the keyboard.

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If LUMI’s users want to play any music, they can immediately activate the companion application on their smartphone. The keyboard can still be connected with up to a distance of 15 meters. After the two devices are connected, the user can immediately try to play the music on the LUMI application.

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While playing, the luminous keys on the LUMI keyboard will guide tone by tone by showing different colors of light so that the users can easily follow the rhythm of the music being played. This then helps the learning process of playing the keyboard to get easier and easier.

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Meanwhile, LUMI’s users can also activate interactive and fun learning features on the LUMI application. Later on, the users of this device will be guided by the application to play music with a customized chord on the color of the key light from the LUMI keyboard which is very easy to use.

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This LUMI keyboard has 24 colorful keys with ROLI Brightkey technology. Interestingly, two LUMI keyboards can be combined into one so that users can play music with even more keys. Even 8 LUMI keyboards can be combined together thanks to the DNA 8 connector.

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ROLI claims that LUMI can withstand the usage of 4 to 5 hours nonstop thanks to the embedded 2,300 mAh battery. In order to recharge the keyboard, the users can use the available USB Type-C port. The size of the LUMI keyboard is only 5.5 inches with a weight of 600 grams, making it easier to pack and take it anywhere.

Lumi is available via their Kickstarter page with the lowest offer will set you up for about $180 where you will get LUMI Keys and the LUMI App.

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