TAIHE Gemini: the Most Affordable On-the-Go Monitor

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Portable monitors sound less useful to most people. Naturally, considering that the majority would prefer to buy a tablet rather than a plain screen. But there are a lot of people who are used to working with two monitors.

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Those who are used to this kind of setup on their desks will certainly find it a little difficult when they have to work outside, at a coffee shop for example and this is one of the reasons behind the birth of a device called Taihe Gemini.

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The shape is similar to the Microsoft Surface tablet, but its role is no more than just an additional display. The location of the similarity is certainly found in an integrated kickstand that can support the device in various angles.

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Taihe seems to have prepared two Gemini variants. Both of them pack a 15.6-inch screen, but the first one packs 4K resolution with 100% support for the Adobe RGB color spectrum, while the second one packs 1080p resolution and is a touch panel.

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This touchscreen variant will be ideal coupled with a cellphone like the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that supports the desktop experience feature. So after connecting, the user can directly operate Taihe Gemini like a tablet, with the operating system display similar to a desktop device.

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Gemini can be connected to lots and lots of devices especially if you choose the variant that sails 4K. The UHD variant comes with an HDMI port, Mini DisplayPort, USB-C, and a pair of USB 3.0 ports. The 1080p variant, on the other hand, is somewhat more limited with only two Mini HDMI ports, two micro USB and USB-C.

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As a portable device, Gemini carries its own battery. In one charge, Gemini is able to operate for about five hours, more than enough for one session working. Taihe Gemini is making their debut on Kickstarter with the retail price is estimated to be at around $ 299 for the FHD and $ 499 for the UHD version.

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