Padrone: The Most Exclusive Mouse Ever

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Although it has become one of the most important peripherals in computers, the mouse also has a number of weaknesses. These peripherals require two-dimensional fields to work. Its surface must not be arbitrary.

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Certain materials sometimes cannot be read optimally, and that means there is a cost that must be spent again to buy a mousepad. As a solution to the shortcomings, a Swiss team introduced Padrone, a ring-shaped mouse.

As a ring, Padrone answers the common weaknesses in a conventional mouse. The operation does not require a mouse mat, then there are no more problems with the shape of the mouse that do not match the habits or shape of our hands.

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Padrone also provides a solution for left-handed users because it can be worn in any hand. Normal mouse (especially wireless models) can also be lost or dropped, but the chances of this incident happening to Padrone are much smaller because the device is always gonna be in your hand.

The design is the most unique aspect of Padrone. All kinds of sensors hide in black bodies with the top widening. Padrone can easily disguise itself as a fashion accessory, and you don’t need to worry that it won’t fit on your finger. The manufacturer has prepared 12 size choices.

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Basically, Padrone doesn’t need to be released when you are on the move. It has obtained an IP67 certification, which means that the construction can withstand maximum dust and water as deep as one meter for 30 minutes. Its weight is very light as it stands on 8-grams.

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Padrone is connected to your PC via Bluetooth without any software that needs to be installed. These peripherals are compatible with Windows, Mac and Android OS devices plus the majority of laptops that are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

The operation of Padrone is almost like using a mouse. When it is worn, the mouse cursor will follow the movements of the fingers. Tap the index finger on the table as a left click and middle finger to right click then, stretch or bend your index finger and middle finger to activate the scroll wheel function.

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  1. Very cool idea. I can see this being used in schools and businesses in the future. May be a massive boost for digital art in the future.

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