The Light L16 Camera: A Little Camera with Unlimited Potential

Light L16 Camera 6

When Light first came on the scene, way back in April of 2015, the public was pretty excited by what they were promising with their “DSLR-killer” technology.

Light L16 Camera 6

The L16 would utilize 16 camera modules with fluctuating central lengths with collapsed optics rather than 1 single sensor, and utilize “computational photography” to meld the individual photographs together with profundity information, creating comes about that would be “DSLR quality”.

Light L16 Camera 5

The L16 gloats 16 singular 13-megapixel sensors which together can deliver up to 52-megapixel pictures.

Light L16 Camera 4

It likewise offers 5x optical zoom, and as you zoom in or out the L16 picks the best mix of its 28mm, 70mm, and 150mm camera modules to use for the activity, promising no corruption in quality when you shoot close up picture.

Light L16 Camera 3

With the best in class programming, your innovative control doesn’t need to stop when you take the photograph. Lumen enables the client to change profundity of-field and give the picture to such an extent or as meager of that normal foundation obscure as you wish.

Light L16 Camera 2

The L16 offers an early, quite defective take a gander at how calculations will direct the eventual fate of photography. Something like the tech in the L16 will probably be in the next generation cell phone, or possibly the one after that.

Light L16 Camera 1

At $1,950, the Light L16 Camera itself is, for the most part, an oddity, a special toy for individuals with storage rooms brimming with DSLRs and a perpetual craving for the following new thing.

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