Pinhole Pro S: The Widest Professional Pinhole Lens for A Perfect Shot

Pinhole Pro S 2

With 37 mm and also 11 mm wide-angle focal lengths, Pinhole Pro S becomes the widest professional pinhole lens ever. The lens can reach up to 120 degrees field of view. Pinhole Pro S will give you everything that you need for a perfect shot.


Pinhole Pro S 5

With the ultra wide angle, these lenses don’t need any glass. The lens comes in two different angles, 60 and 120. The PPS37 is designed with 60 degrees angle for SLR or DSLR. And for Mirrorless. PPS11 with 120 degrees angle is perfect.


Wide Angle Version

Pinhole Pro S 4

Pinhole Pro S 2

Pinhole Pro S is the new version of Pinhole Pro. It is a wide angle version of lenses. Pinhole Pro S today comes in two wide-angle versions: Pinhole Pro S37 (37mm) and also Pinhole Pro S11 (11mm). Both of them has a precision build with 9 times sharper result and 100% aluminum body.



Pinhole Pro S 9

Pinhole Pro S 8

You can any videos and photos with the best result ever. These lenses provide a modern high speed with high ISO technologies. The result of your videos and photos are timeless and also stunning.



Pinhole Pro S 3

You can easily print your photos result after using Pinhole Pro S. It is a great product for printing out. The photo result on the paper will come in timeless feeling for all of your best moments with your family and friends.



Pinhole Pro S 10

Pinhole Pro S 1

The edge and shape smoothness in Pinhole Pro S aperture are the important factors that provide the best image quality and sharpness. The lenses are designed with a robotic controlled tiny micro-drill that can also produce a stunning quality of photos and videos.

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