Leica S3: The Perfect Harmonisation of All of Its Individual Components

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About 12 years after announcing the Leica S2 camera, the German company has now announced the successor to the DSLR with the release of Leica S3 early this month.

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This DSLR camera is categorized as the medium format type camera with a resolution of 64 MP and 15-stop dynamic range, 4K resolution video capabilities, and much more. The aspect ratio used in the Leica S3 is 3: 2 and the CMOS ProFormat sensor comes with ISO 100 to ISO 50,000 sensitivity.

The resolution of 64 MP generated by the sensor is reported to have increased by 71% when compared to the Leica S2 with 37.5 MP.

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All performance on the Leica S3 DSLR camera is handled with an exclusive Maestro 3 processor, the processor allows 2GB buffering so users can take up to six lossless compressed DNG images or unlimited JPG at a top speed of 3 fps.

Leica also announces that they have worked a great deal to redefine the autofocus algorithms, especially those that predict movement and calculate these up to the moment of exposure.

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Unlike the latest GFX 100 medium format camera from Fujifilm or Hasselblad’s X1D II, the Leica S3 is not a mirrorless camera. The Leica S3 is more into the type of DSLR which, of course, comes with an optical viewfinder.

Like the Leica S Type 007, the S3 has a switch button for the trigger for adjustment between CS (central shutter) and FPS (focal plane shutter). The back of the Leica S3 has a 3-inch screen of 922k pixels that in live view mode can display up to 60 frames per second.

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Thus, the Leica S3 camera has more efficient battery life. The company claims that the Leicas S3 can take up to 1,000 photos until the next battery swap.

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On the video recording, the camera maker from Germany provides the Leica S3 with 4K Cine recording capability up to 24p using full sensor width, or Full HD video with a recording speed of 30 fps. The company is also adding the dual memory card slot with SDXC and CF support.

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Just like other medium format cameras, the Leica S3 has a size that is classified as large and heavy. Its dimensions are 160 x 80 x 20 mm with a weight of 1260 grams for the body only. The Leica S3 is available for pre-order at $19,000.

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