Humism: Automatic Watches that Turn Time into Art

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A watch is a complement to fashion that can support the overall look in order to get a more confident appearance. Not only staying true as the timepiece, but a watch can also be a simple elegant touch of fashion.

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Therefore, in addition to its function, watch design is also a major consideration. If you are looking to have a watch that will absolutely stun everyone, you can just go ahead and select one of the watch from Humism.

The watch from Humism creates a movement of time that is so beautiful that it can be used as a collection for those of you who loves unique and artsy watches. Humism turns a watch into a canvas to pour creativity into creating a watch that is simply amazing.

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In general, watch manufacturers only see their product as a timekeeper which is in contrast to Humism where they see watches as a media that can be used like a canvas that produces a charming design. Uniquely, the use of this media also combines it with clock movements which create much more beautiful visuals.

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This stunning design is the result of a long process, starting from research, experimentation, removal, and refinement. The time needed for the making was taking a long stretch of 19 months, so you can imagine yourself how high the quality of these watches is.

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As for the frame, Humism watches use high-quality materials, namely 316L surgical steel that is designed minimalist, proportion, geometric, symmetrical bavel, and clean angle shape. The quality of this material is better than the 304L steel which is used in many watches.

In order to ensure accuracy and durability, the discs are thin and lightweight. This Japanese-made disc will feel more perfect with Italian skin which makes it look stronger and natural. All of the watch’s straps are made with a quick-release pin making it easier to change the style of the watch.

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This watch uses an automatic machine from Japan so that it is also supported by human movements. The movements of the user’s arms push hundreds of gears and springs that are assembled flawlessly. The NH34A engine is built with reliable durability and is a generation that is more advanced than the powerful 7S26 because the NH25A is more accurate and smooth.

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The glass that is part of this watch is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This crystal is ranked 9th on the Mohns hardness scale, just below the diamond. The crystal is used on the top and bottom with an additional anti-reflective coating on the top glass.

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For those of you who crave perfection in your watches and are in a way approving of the concept of the artsy watch then Humism watch can be yours as long as you are ready to spend around $ 298 to $ 318.

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