SevenHugs Smart Remote: The World’s Smartest and Easiest to Use Remote Control

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Lots of advanced technologies are accompanied by a remote making it easier for the users to control these technological devices. Now, you no longer need to wrestle with the remote for each device because with a product from SevenHugs can be the master smart remote to control the whole house in one hand.

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The  Smart Remote can control multiple devices with just one touch. Just tap the button, then you will see the transformation of your home. By using the smart remote, your days will be more fun, date nights will be memorable and easier.

The smart remort is able to turn on all your electronics at home, ranging from TV, music, speakers, light, activate the plugs and can be used for home control. With one tap, the smart remote will turn on the device and switch to the input correctly.

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The use of Smart Remote will let anyone be a DJ because you can turn on music, manage playlists, choose again, adjust the volume until it passes the track.

The exciting atmosphere will be more perfect with lighting options that can also be arranged with this remote. In fact, you can group the lighting system and turn them on or off simultaneously.

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The Smart Remote can also be customized according to the needs and conditions of the house so you can make your own control screen. This remote can control several devices simultaneously with one tap, control the device via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, smart hub and infrared compatible.

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The adoption of smart remote are so beneficial, it certainly makes anyone want to have it immediately. Not only to facilitate the work but to make activities more fun. However, before buying it, first, identify the type of existing smart remote so that you can find the right type according to your needs.

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The first type is the Smart Remote U. This type of Smart Remote is already known as an intelligent remote and provides exceptional convenience for your entire home. In just one tap, you can control various important devices in the house. The product is offered at a price tag of $ 199.99.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote 2

The second option is the Smart Remote X. This remote control is the world’s first remote with contextual awareness, including a room sensor to experience Point Mode. Its sophistication will make you feel at home for a long time. In order to get this smart remote, you will need to spend up to $ 299.99.

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