Calamus Bikes: One Giant Leap For E-Bikes

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E-bikes are a trend in the midst of modern society, especially for those who like cycling. Various innovations have been made to captivate the hearts of E-bikes fans. One product that has just released its latest and most sophisticated innovation is the Calamus with their Calamus One.

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The Calamus One is the only E-bikes in the world that have a built-in TFT screen that allows you to interact with the advanced features. Health evaluations are also displayed on bicycles through a central computer with the backup of a lot of sensors to help maintain the safety of drivers.

As for Ultra-Drive Motor, the E-bike use the latest technology, namely Bafang which can extract torque in larger quantities with the same amount of power. So, once in a while, these E-bikes can go fast and far to lighten the burden on its riders.

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In order be able to function optimally, the Calamus One requires energy from the battery. Calamus One uses Ultrabikes batteries that are specifically designed to be removable. This makes it easy for you to take it home and charge it on the regular outlet.

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The proclaimed Ultrabikes is also coming with carbon belts with no lag from Gates which makes the bike produced a soft noise. In addition, the carbon drive belt used is very responsive making it easier while pedaling the bike.

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With the sophistication that is possessed, of course, a lot of people are eyeing this bike, including thieves. However, you do not need to worry because E-bikes bolts and fasteners cannot be removed one by one so as to prevent theft of bicycle components.

In fact, Calamus One is designed to have a special primary key that is available for each and only product.

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The security mainframe will also be maximized with fingerprints on the screen. So, your fingerprint is needed to open the bike and restore all the settings. The driver profile data will be recorded by these sophisticated E-bikes.

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The bike’s GPS system carries a global GSM chip that allows you to find these E-bikes easily if you forget your parking space, misplaced or even stolen. In fact, you can set a virtual safe zone, so when the bicycle exits the safe zone, the alarm in your smartphone will be turned on.

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The availability of the Calamus One is still on pending as the product is still having their Indiegogo campaign ongoing. If everything is going according to the plan, the German-based startup will deliver the bikes in February of 2020.

For those of you who want to takes this e-bike home, you can just choose the Early Bird option which is marketed for $1,997.

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