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Have you ever worried that your luggage may be broken when you travel? Based on statistics, every year a luggage will always break due to low-quality locks. Now you don’t have to be a worry again. Because Travelock will help you.

Trevelock 6

Flipilock used as inspiration to develop a great high-quality lock. They spent countless hours researching and evaluating a hundred traditional locks and also smart locks. They researched the possible design to high-quality lock. After countless hours, Flipilock released the combination of the ultimate user-friendly features and safety lock and called it, Travelock.


The Most Advanced Tech

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Travelock is an advanced fingerprint sensor lock. It uses high-quality AI calculation and provides a security. Travelock is multifunctional fingerprint smart lock, very easy to use and lightweight product. It makes the perfect option to lock almost anything you need.

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Travelock can be used to lock your doors, backpacks, bicycles, luggage and many more. This smart look will bring the peace you need in your mind by knowing that your belongings are safe.

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As you might already know, travelock is a much better option than any traditional locks or Bluetooth-based smart locks. This product is more convenient and much safer than any other locks. Also, it’s truly keyless and uses a fingerprint sensor.

Why Flipilock choose a fingerprint lock? Because the traditional locks have losable keys. While the Bluetooth and password locks can be hacked by someone else. But not on Travelock.



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This lock is designed solely to protect your belongings. This lock is very superior and simple. Travelock has a match-and-unlock mechanism which can be accessed and allowed through your unique fingerprint. It is also operated by AI. So it will reduce the chances of broken or information disclosure.

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This lock has capacitive fingerprint sensor up to 508 DPI. It allows Travelock to recognize any fingerprint textures. And it only responds to the fingerprints of living human – woo creepy.  To get your hands on this smart lock, you can head to their Indiegogo page and become the super early bird perk for just $69.

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