Soaclean: The Portable Ultrasonic Turbo Washing Device

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Soaclean is a new innovation in technology. This is the device that will make laundering your clothes become easier and diverse. Soaclean is an innovation that will help people to wash and clean in a whole lot new way you might have not realized.

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Soaclean combining the dual direction turbo washing and an ultrasonic vibration which have not been used in this area before. This product redefines portable cleaning which will help you wash and clean anytime, anywhere.


The Product Will Wash it For You!

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Soaclean is very lightweight and portable. You can bring this gadget anywhere. Soaclean is very easy to use, you can do it just a minute. Turn it on and put a water into it. Soaclean will automatically clean and wash it for you.

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To put it simply, Soaclean is an innovative portable washing machine. It can wash the clothes, baby product, fruit, and vegetables. This washing gadget can also wash your toy, panties, shaver, nail scissors, jewelry, glasses, silverware, and watch. It’s easy and very clean.

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Soaclean will clean and remove the dirt only 3 minutes. It can save your money and time. Soaclean more efficient than any other washing machine. Soaclean is suitable for a student who live alone, business people and family person.

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It’s portable and you can bring it in a backpack, trunks or handbag. This product very light and compact. It’s suitable for your travel or business trip and leisure.


It’s Easy Peasy!

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Soaclean will automatically shut down after 30 minutes operating. You can turn it on by connecting the power plug. It’s that easy. Another feature in this product is the feature of automatic washing.

If you put a cloth in Soaclean, it will work for 30 minutes to clean this cloth. If you put fruit and vegetables, it will work for 5 minutes. It can work by itself.

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Soaclean has powerful ultrasonic cleaning. It will detect the goods and the stain. So it will work automatically if you put a cloth or other thing. Soaclean will carry the sound energy continuously into the water while also detonating micron-sized bubbles which make your clothes clean and healthy.

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