Ti EDC Wrench: The Pocket Friendly Adjustable Wrench

Ti Edc Wrench 6

With the correct design, a solitary bit of rigging can supplant an entire box worth of tools. Packing much utility into as meager pocket space as could reasonably be expected like is the objective for some EDCers, so when BigiDesign makes another pocket-style apparatus, lots of individuals is listening to them.

Ti Edc Wrench 6

This startup has demonstrated what they could do with their incomprehensibly smaller utility blade (the TPT) and add their bit driver framework (the BitBar), and now they’re putting their turn on the wrench.

The BigiDesign Ti EDC Wrench instinctively changes with replace 25 distinctively measured wrenches while “riding” easily in your pocket, much the same as your most loved EDC cut.



Ti Edc Wrench 3

Enlivened by a vintage wrench, the Ti EDC consolidates the usefulness of full-sized wrenches with the comfort of an EDC. Similarly, the flexible pocket-size gadget effortlessly fits in your pocket, making it perfect for use in an emergency condition.



Ti Edc Wrench 1

The hex spanner segment of the apparatus can be balanced by turning the “screw” as an afterthought, giving it a chance to hook onto 25 sizes of both standard and metric fasteners. Once locked on, the apparatus’ 3.85″ length gives a full hold and sufficient torque for even the harder task you may confront. The Ti EDC Wrench estimates 1″ wide and just about a quarter inch thick, giving it a compact outline like a folding knife.



Ti Edc Wrench 4

Providing a full sized grip and low-profile design, the Ti EDC Wrench feels good in your hand and your pocket. Featuring a patent-pending design, the versatile wrench is incredibly intuitive. Weighing just 2.4 ounces, Ti EDC is a handy tool to carry for situations where you don’t have your toolbox.

Ti Edc Wrench 2

It comes with a sturdy pocket clip too, making it one of the easiest ways to EDC a wrench. Last but not least, the frame of the tool is built from grade 5 titanium for long lasting durability without weighing you down.

Ti Edc Wrench 5

The Ti EDC Wrench it is currently available to back for at least $85 while the delivery will happen amid December 2018. For more details and a full rundown of all the alternatives, hop over to their Kickstarter page.


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