Thermoformed Card Wallet 2.0: A New Version of Card Wallet with A Simple Design

Card Wallet 2 0 4

The first version of Card Wallet was a big hit in Hong Kong. The designer finally backs with Version 2 of this awesome product. Thermoformed Card Wallet 2.0 has the same clean aesthetic style from the previous version. The difference is located on the integration of the RFID blocking layer to help fight against the card data swiping.


Card Wallet 2 0 1

Card Wallet 2 0 2

The new structure in Card Wallet 2.0 comes with the perforated side. This side allows you to access your card for the RFID transparency. You can have a good privacy with your cards, especially in preventing any data swiping.



Card Wallet 2 0 3

Card Wallet 2 0 4

Card Wallet 2 0 5

This wallet is hiding the best manufacturing work with a colossal development. Even the design looks very simple, it has a great function for you who love to travel a lot. Your card is not only safe but also easy to use with this wallet.



Card Wallet 2 0 6

Card Wallet 2.0 is laminated and formed to a Japanese micro-suede. It is made of Italian calf hide with RFID blocking layer. This wallet is available in two different colors, navy lime highlights, and black yellow highlights.



Card Wallet 2 0 7

The black and navy blue Italian calf hide can be seen on the outer side of this wallet. Inside this wallet, you will get lemon yellow Japanese and acid green Japanese microsuede design. You can use this wallet for 8 cards.

Card Wallet 2 0 8

The multi-material laminating process is very innovative, creating a stitch-free design. The formed pockets will be able to prevent any nasty imprinting and stretching. It will be easy to use this wallet when you need to use the cards in it.

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