Dango M1 Maverick Wallet: Inspired by military, for the rugged and tactical lifestyle

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The popularity of the tactical model daily wallet shot in the last two years. More and more men are turning to this metal alloy + chassis wallet. Compared to traditional wallets, tactical EDC wallets are proven to be strong, safe, slim, and easily accessible.

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And in this category, the star brand is Dango. Dango has at least release 8 minimalist, rugged and multipurpose wallet variants to support urban mobility & outdoor activity enthusiasts. And to welcome the year of 2019, Dango released their newest variant: Dango M1 Maverick Wallet.

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So far, the M1 Maverick is the best Dango wallet because this wallet has successfully united all the superior wallet requirements into itself: Durable, hard to lose, and an easy to use through the vertical design.

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Dango M1 Maverick wrapper is made from full-grain vegan skin (whiskey brown & jet black). The chassis frame uses CNC-machined aluminum 6061 anodized aerospace class, with stainless steel bolts.

And inside, there is an RFID-blocking cavity to maintain & accommodate up to 16 of your valuable cards. To cap it all of, do not miss the elastic silicone band that will tightly hug the sheets of your money.

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The ease of use and speed of access are the main advantages of Dango M1 Maverick. The mechanism of the clamshell opening in the style of a travel suitcase, lets you pull out cards or money using one hand.

While the sleek design and loopholes on the 4 corners of the wallet minimize the risk of being lost. You are free to put your wallet in the front pocket of the pants & shirt or attach a lanyard strap to be tied to a belt or put around your neck. For this tactical wallet, Dango put on a price tag of $149.



Dango M1 Maverick Wallet

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Dango M1 Maverick Wallet 6

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