Garzini Cavare: The Slim Magic Wallet with Pull-Tab Slots

Garzini Cavare 2

Small and slim wallets have turned into a basic embellishment for some folks, so the ‘Garzini Cavare’ wallet seen here has been intended to empower another approach to convey fundamental cards and money with you constantly.

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Designed by Christophe De Smet, the wallet includes a relatively illusionary outline that will lash trade out when setting deliberately and moved in like manner, which influences it something of a discussion to piece.


The Pull-Tabs

Garzini Cavare 6

The novelty of this model are the two card sleeves on the front and on the back with the pull-tab system. Hence the name Cavare, which comes from the Italian verb ‘cavare’ which means ‘to pull’, referring to the pull-tabs.

Garzini Cavare 4

Regularly, most slim wallets have even card spaces on the front, and in some cases additionally on the back. Be that as it may, with the Cavare, Garzini made two card sleeves on the front and back. Each card sleeve can contain up to 4 cards, which gives the Garzini Cavare a capacity of up to 10 cards.


Real “Magic”

Garzini Cavare 3

Garzini is a magic wallet brand, so all the wallets they sell perform this magic trick to store away your bills. This Kickstarter wallet venture is no special case on this! They remain the enchantment framework within.

Garzini Cavare 2

The wallet arrives in an extensive variety of hues crosswise over four leather option (Vintage, Nappa, Brushed and Croco). The leather includes a layer of grandness over the otherworldly development of the wallet. Built also with RFID protection, the wallet isn’t just innovative, it’s secure too.

Garzini Cavare 5

The ‘Garzini Cavare‘ wallet conveys another sort of custom to the experience of utilizing cards or money, which will improve the experience for the clients.

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